[ubuntu-art] Tangerine in universe

Josué Alcalde González josuealcalde at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 23:41:28 BST 2006

El jue, 06-04-2006 a las 00:09 +0200, Ricardo Pérez López escribió:
> El mié, 05-04-2006 a las 23:52 +0200, Étienne Bersac escribió:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > 
> > >> He also note that "ssh", "ftp" are disturbing. Especially for tiny
> > >> icons. The sharp orange label are too agressive.
> > >
> > > I like the tangerine icons, but I don't agree with the above. I  
> > > like the
> > > "ssh", "ftp" and others, because it's informative and (IMHO) isn't
> > > disturbing.
> > 
> > Remember that's just an extern point of view, my father's one. Who is  
> > clueless of smb, dav, ftp and friends, even if he use oftenly smb. He  
> > is going to use dav and even ssh as it just appear in his file  
> > manager with avahi/zeroconf. The anduilos icon is the Mac OS X ssh  
> > server on my iMac (named anduilos). User prefer "bersace's public  
> > file" instead of ssh, and other technical stuffs. That's just a fact.
> Yes, I'm with you in that. Maybe we could think in a solution which mix
> the two point of views (newbie and intermediate/advanced).
> > I also appreciate info label for protocols and formats (odt, etc.),  
> > but i dislike the orange used for those label. Far too sharp. I also  
> > dislike the text in 16x16 icons. That's just annoying.
> Mmmm... What about brown or dark-yellow for that?

What I would prefer is brown folders, because there is too much orange
in my desktop and my nautilus.
It is the same of title bars. They were too orange at first, and know
they are brown again. I include a folder example.

About labels, I would prefer small icons to show the type of file:
- a blue W in a blue square for ms word files.
- a green X in a green square for excel.
- a small gull for openoffice files.
- a window logo for samba
- a globe for ftp 
- a key for ssh
- a console for .sh
- a debian icon in the package for .deb.
- a red hat for in the package for .rpm.
- .....

Ubuntu doesn't hide extensions, so you can take a look at it when the
icon is not enough.

> Cheers,
> Ricardo.
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