[ubuntu-art] request: tango style synaptic icons

Sebastian Heinlein liste at pimpzkru.de
Wed Apr 5 22:03:19 BST 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 05.04.2006, 11:03 +0100 schrieb Who:
> > The good thing about this solution is that the shapes are more
> > distinguishable  this way, the bad thing is that it's not using the
> > checkbox-style metaphor any more.
> > What do you think, fellow ubuntu-artists?
> > - Andreas
> I really like it:
> I think it should be a closed box for uninstalled stuff and an open
> box for installed (and perhaps the saturation shange is necessary too)

At first thanks to all of you! I am quite low on time at the moment and
therefore my replies have a "minor" delay.
Currently the icons reflect two information at the same time: on the one
hand the status and on the other hand the planned action.

I am unsure about using the same icon column to show two separated

Another problem is locking. It would be nice to see if a locked package
is installed or not.



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