[ubuntu-art] Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Apr 4 11:37:04 BST 2006

Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> On 4/3/06, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at canonical.com> wrote:
>>  While we are here I'm reminded of one additional thing I'd like to see
>> mocked up. On the scrollbars, the white tips at each end might look even
>> better if they had slightly rounded corners like the slider endpoints. Does
>> that make sense? The reason this was requested was if the scrollbar is all
>> the way up it looks a little as though the "well" is white and the scrollbar
>> is 1 millimeter from the top - the end point looks like a space rather than
>> an end point. It was suggested to me that rounding the corners of the
>> scrollbar end point would make it clear that its a sort of cap on the
>> scrollbar, not empty space. Richard, could you mock that up too? Just
>> following the end points of the slider is probably best.
> The problem is, that two rounded widgets glued together look very
> ugly. We avoid this everywhere else in the theme, like the comboboxes
> or treeview headers. So if we do rounded scrollbar sliders, I think we
> should do something different with the steppers. OS X and Vista only
> draw the arrows and no buttons for the steppers, which avoids the
> problem. It doesn't look great to me, but it's better than rounded
> buttons IMO. An alternative might be to just use a very small radius
> for the corners, which would look similar to Luna XP.
What about leaving the steppers (are those the ^ type buttons above and
below the well?) as square, just rounding the "tips" of the scrollbar
itself (the pieces which are currently whiter than the scrollbar and go
orange on mouseover)?

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