[ubuntu-art] can glassy and caramel be combined? [was: Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors]

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Tue Apr 4 11:24:46 BST 2006

Eric Feliksik wrote:
> In a matter of taste, I understand the sabdfl has the final word...
> However, maybe I can make him see the light:
I would never claim to have perfect taste, and I am certainly looking
for someone who is better qualified to step up and be hired as the art
director for Ubuntu. In the interim, I'm trying to get us a look that is
both expressive and consistent :-).

> Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
>> I think the orange looks great on many widgets. In general, widgets
>> are not on-screen all the time. You see them when something is
>> happening or when you need to make a decision about something. And as
>> a result, they can be quite bold without tiring the eyes. 
> A progress-bar is an inherently informing thing, to which the user can
> only respond passively. It's *not* asking for a decision. That doesn't
> mean it can't be glassy, but it should be subtle IMO. Is this possible
> to combine? (some programs make the window draw attention via
> metacity/windowlist when the progressbar is done. Should be enough)
Yes, it does not ask for a decision to be make like a checkbox or a
radio button, but a progressbar is nonetheless designed to catch your
eye and tell you that something temporary is happening. It is by
definition transient, because it is only there for the duration of the
action. So I think progressbars should stick with the bold, glassy
orange look, though I do think there is a little room for tweaking.
Right now, the top half of the progressbar has a slightly grey
appearance that I think we can improve.

> It's not that the folder icons are too bright per se, but they're FAR
> brighter than the file-icons. My files are 1st class citizens :) It
> just feels like a very incomplete theme IMO - if the color would be
> more caramel-ish, like "somefile.savedSearch", it would mix together I
> think.

The icons are very much a work in progress. See Daniel's excellent page
for the full set, and priorities, and know that we will get to
everything with priority 8, 9 and 10.

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