[ubuntu-art] can glassy and caramel be combined? [was: Inconsistence of gradients and artwork colors]

Eric Feliksik milouny at gmx.net
Mon Apr 3 22:37:45 BST 2006

In a matter of taste, I understand the sabdfl has the final word... 
However, maybe I can make him see the light:

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> I think the orange looks great on many widgets. In general, widgets are 
> not on-screen all the time. You see them when something is happening or 
> when you need to make a decision about something. And as a result, they 
> can be quite bold without tiring the eyes. 
A progress-bar is an inherently informing thing, to which the user can 
only respond passively. It's *not* asking for a decision. That doesn't 
mean it can't be glassy, but it should be subtle IMO. Is this possible 
to combine? (some programs make the window draw attention via 
metacity/windowlist when the progressbar is done. Should be enough)

It's not that the folder icons are too bright per se, but they're FAR 
brighter than the file-icons. My files are 1st class citizens :) It just 
feels like a very incomplete theme IMO - if the color would be more 
caramel-ish, like "somefile.savedSearch", it would mix together I think.

Would it be possible to give it the shiny feeling with subtler color? 
does anyone know?

> We decided not to put orange on the scrollbars, because those are "long 
> term widgets", they are often permanently on the screen. We put orange 
> in the mouseover effect because (a) that's short-term and (b) that's 
> when you are USING the widget and want to make decisions about it, so it 
> fits nicely into the framework I described above, of using bold colors 
> when something is in active use.
Yes, *that* is very cool. But then, indeed, you are using *that* 
specific widget.
So, by analogy:
- make the checkbox scream when I click/hover it.
- Make the folder jubilate when I hover/select it.
- Make the pulldown menu's smile when I hover them - ow, wait, they 
already do! And only then, nice! :)

Pimp my desktop! But do it subtle, or call it... *Edubuntu* :)

Your framework-idea is nice, but why are the buttons less important than 
a checkbox if they're more likely to be used? It's coloring is not about 
decision-taking, the checkbox/radiobutton-coloring is an emphasis on 
it's status - that's ok (because it's no sharp color).

Thanks for your kind attention,

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