[ubuntu-art] Head to IRC ASAP!

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen kamstrup at daimi.au.dk
Thu Sep 29 02:59:52 CDT 2005

Pascal Klein and I decided to weed out in the list of proposals [1],
narrowing it down to three choices in each category.

We're sorry that this might be a bit undemocratic, but we really need to
get something out of the door. We will also be narrowing down on
calendar proposals.

Jeff Waugh hinted that we should primarily focus on calendar images, but
there's just so much good stuff out there... The wallpapers might not
make it into the main distro, but we might be able to convince a MOTU to
package an art-team-proposals.deb ...

So that's why I tell you; head to #ubuntu-artwork at freenode now to
partipate in the "weeding out"! Well give it 15 minutes or so, after I
send this mail, before we start.

See you!
Mikkel Kamstrup

[1]: The attachment to the mail with subject: "The list of stuff to do!"
from Pascal (couldn't find it in the archives).

PS: Please don't get pissed off ;-P After all this will only be a
proposal for the proposal :D

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