[ubuntu-art] Hey they look good after your color change :) Thanks Matthew.

Vijay Kishan vijaykishan at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 28 23:09:16 CDT 2005

DO you think including the other flower and the UBUNTU
Logo will make it look better as a WallPaper for

Maybe for the butterfly photos we would add
"UBUNTU A beautiful combination of Technology and

just thinking aloud, lol.. 

I Use a ol analog camera (Nikon 801s) and shoot with
Fuji Velvia/provia. I give the pics for scan (no money
right now to buy a scanner..<grin>) and then touch
them up using GIMP. 

Thanks for appreciating the pictures :) Hopefully it
makes the cut to get into ubuntu. I have loads of
butterfly and insect pictures some of which I plan to
release as GPL, maybe we could make an Insect theme,
.. like when a button is clicked we could make the
butterfly wing flap or something. 

What do you all say ?

thanks for all the help and encouragement
-Vijay Kishan

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