[ubuntu-art] Matthew Nuzum -> THANKS .. I have sent you the files.

Vijay Kishan vijaykishan at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 28 22:16:20 CDT 2005

Thanks for the offer Matthew,

    <grin> I am jumping at it. I have forwarded 2
picturs to you. Hope you are able to make something
out of them in time. These are some ol picutrs that I
had stored in my gmail account, and I am releasing it
under GPL , 

     You are welcome to change any portion of the
image (esp that stupid copyright thing that i had put
earlier and overright it with UBUNTU or something) .
You are also welcome to reject the pics if you think
they are not worth as wall papers.

    All in all, Thanks all you people, I feel so much
at home here <grin> 

    I am in GMT + 5.5 (India). its (8.45am here now)

-Vijay Kishan

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