[ubuntu-art] Preparing for Dapper Drake

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Wed Oct 19 11:21:58 CDT 2005

Okay, we really need to prepare for good ol' Dapper Drake. I already 
have an idea for the graphical theme, my idea is based around the Grid. 
The grid here represents the plotting of major goals for Dapper Drake, 
making it the Vista of Linux Distros, with big changes, and big ideas.

I'm already working on some new graphics for it, but I've already made 
some stuff, I was aiming for Breezy Badger with them but...your whole 
glass thing overshadowed it.alot. My best work for this theme was my 
splash screen (attached). My mixture of the human colors really makes it 
look unique

So, does this seem cool to you?

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