YetZero yetzero at
Tue Nov 22 17:09:27 CST 2005

What about setting a weekly meeting? You know, something like each
Thursday, or each Saturday, don't know, at some hour. Maybe that way
the team could become more active. Because I really think we could be
doing a lot more (or at least inform on what's happening behind the
That's it.

PS. Someone could please help me out on knowing how to translate the
GMT times at my own local times? I have missed all the other meetings
because of that.
Thank you.

2005/11/22, Pascal Klein <4pascal at>:
> I wholesomely agree, we need a fair few people there. Personally, 8+ would be
> preferred, and we have that many people who are interested in Ubuntu artwork.
> I think the attendance of volvoguy would be awesome. I would be happy to
> arrange for the time to suitable for him to attend, because he is our current
> art team leader. Volvoguy, you're not passing it on are you?

-Luis Santander

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