[ubuntu-art] the server (was: Humility Icons TODO list)

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 05:37:40 CDT 2005

I'm hoping to attack the wiki with whatever energy my back pain allows
over the next few days. Specifically I want to beef up the icon page
and start to get things prepped for organizational stuff (even if it
means creating "blank" pages and talking other people into actually
filling in the data).

I agree that the doc team has proved themselves worthy of being our
wiki role models. I was part of that at the very beginning and they've
worked their butts off to make their own stuff and the wiki in general
look great!

I'll try and keep xchat open to #ubuntu-artwork while I'm working, so
if you have some free time to help, pop in and see what I'm working on
- I can always use help. :)


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