[ubuntu-art] Hi and a suggestion

Markus Majer mm at mpathy.de
Wed Jul 20 12:55:26 CDT 2005

Hi there.. 

And now, my 5 cents ;o)
I also think that a groupware PERHAPS would be a good solution for productive 
And I personally feel that wikis are a little bit hyped - for such projects 
like Wikipedia or projects where its only important to provide 
information its great, but for projects like this it is more productive 
not only to provide the information in a structured manner, but also 
have tools to set some sort of goals, show the progress of this goals, 
have a calendar etc. 
So I also would prefer a groupware. But because of the nature of Ubuntu, 
it should be definetly be open source! 

We are no closed group of people, i would prefer something 
like "phpGroupWare" etc., but its clear we want to be a open group!

And second, these groupware solutions are really overloaded. 
In that fact the wiki again makes sense.. 
Perhaps we will find something, that gives us the best of both worlds.. 
Or we have to do a individual thing, like a more structurized wiki plus 
a useful project list/calendar/overview - thing :o) 

Perhaps somebody knows sth. other.. 
(Apropos, how does this Ubuntu "Launchpad" - thing work?) 
Nevertheless, the product you mentioned, Matt, looks very good. 
I set up an 5-minutes-set-up-example here: 
Its nice! If it only were open source & not so limited, that would be a 
option! But something in that direction would be great. 

Gallery is a great piece of software, but what we need is more than a place 
where we can look what nice wallpapers we can produce.

The idea to do something like kde-look.org is not bad - but there is a more 
fiiting example: www.kde-artists.org

And, by the way, the domain www.gnome-artists.org is still available!

What do you think about the idea to register this domain, and put that and the 
new upcoming ubuntu-artwork subdomain together, and build the page like 

But.. I'm again writing too much - sorry! :o) 
See/read ya, 

Am Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2005 19:02 schrieb Nicholas:
> On a communal level, I think your reasons, Jane, are good ones for
> sticking with wiki. I'm not sure of it's technical limitations, but I'm
> sure there would always be a better tool no matter what we were using.
> Let's do it 'Ubuntu Style'.
> Besides, I'm new to using wiki (Aaron's stupendous korgaseries.org is
> using one for my gear schematics:D ) and would love to get my hands in
> there again - woohoo!!
> Nicholas Burman
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> always to be out of step with his time.
> Orson Welles (1915 - 1985)
> On 20-Jul-05, at 5:52 AM, Jane Silber wrote:
> > The intention of the server was to provide a place to upload and review
> > art work (and admittedly the wiki isn't the best thing for that).
> >
> > However, I also don't think  a generic "groupware" tool is the best
> > thing, and I think it would be unfortunate to treat the server as a
> > replacement for the wiki. Other teams maintain a presence on the wiki
> > and coordinate activities through the wiki, and I recommend that the
> > art
> > team do that as well.
> >
> > I don't know the details, but I think a tool similar to gnome-look.org
> > (same software on kde-look.org) is the type of thing that is needed.
> > I
> > don't know what the tool is exactly on those sites, so it may not be
> > the
> > best choice for various reasons. But I think we should be able to
> > identify an open source tool which allows easy upload, viewing, and
> > downloading of various types of artwork in a simple straightforward
> > way.  I don't think we want to replace or duplicate the wiki function,
> > the mailing lists, IRC, etc. -  just meet the artwork needs that aren't
> > met elsewhere.
> >
> > My two cents.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Jane
> >
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