[UBUNTU-ART] breezy badger

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 04:23:28 CDT 2005

On 7/16/05, Nikolai Dunkel <n.dunkel at gmail.com> wrote:

> the breezy badger thing was no "mere" thing on the forums, it was
> announced by jeff waugh simultaneously with the codename for the next
> release, on the official ubuntu-announce list!!!!!

Wow! I must have been asleep that day/week/month. :o) I haven't seen
Jeff join our list yet, but our Canonical admin friends may have added
all the important people automatically. If we don't hear from him by
next week, I'll see what I can find out about it myself.

> it was suppposed to be discussed in the ubuntu downunder thingy, but
> noone ever heard any word of it! the place where most people got
> feedback was on the forums, but the final images were all sent to
> jeffwaugh!

See, I knew they should have paid for me to go to that conference. :o)
Next time. hehe.


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