[UBUNTU-ART] Medicine Mask Guy willing to help / Breezy Badger Results?

Nikolai Dunkel n.dunkel at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 20:09:43 CDT 2005

very sorry for the noob posting 3X before everyone...this list wont
accept hotmail's html mails...?

anyhow...hey everyone!

I'm Nikolai, Archibald on the forums, the guy who pushes his Medicine
Mask Mascot/Logo Suggestion every chance he gets... If you like the
look of my stuff, I'd be more than glad to help with anything you can
throw at me...I have basic inkscape and photoshop skills...


the thread, with other designs etc is here....


I also submitted a Breezy Badger, and would REALLY like to know what
happened to this contest, as all questions asked about this remain


cheers, n.!

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