[UBUNTU-ART] Introduction

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at cyb3r.org
Thu Jul 14 23:49:20 CDT 2005

On Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 01:01:41PM +1000, Andy Fitzsimon wrote:

> Hi guys I'm Andy,

  Hi Andy, I'm noone important (also, it's 6 AM and I'm drinking beer;-)
 and more important I'm not an artist. I'm a programmer. :-(

>     Its amazing how nowadays artistic software licensing is so
> encumbered with patents it inhibits creativity. 

  OK, OK. I have to write a few sentences here, since I know few artistic
 souls. First, they are unaware of patents, closed software and other
 things. For them, being creative is about using The Right Tool.

  Maybe one of the points of Ubuntu-art group should be a Wiki page for
 people who are dedicated to digital art, but can not find good software
 in OSS.

  A metapacakge ubuntu-art? You know: apt-get install ubuntu-art and
 there you go -- Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, useful plugins, whatever
 you're using on daily basis.

> Oh yeah..  I do icons

 I click them. :-)

> Can't wait to get chatting with everyone and start throwing ideas
> around.  this is gonna be fun!

  Since I'm a programmer I would start from building a ,,common ground''
 for all you art-skilled-people. I like that some parts of Ubuntu
 artwork are standarized (take a look at Wiki, there's a logo, colour
 values in HTML hex values, and vector logo, IIRC). You need to extend
 it. I was once die-hard AmigaOS user. Some AmigaOS artist had thier own
 icons set, same goes for Linux ones. But you could get templates for
 thier icons. You know, few thinks are common, like backgrounds or
 colour sets.

  IMHO artwork is one of the most important things in winning mindset of
 undecited people. We're fools that pick up whatever we *like* and then
 we justify it. ;-) The trick is to have lots of flavors for everyone.
 Some people like to have plain and clean interfaces, other would go for
 eyecandy. We shouldn't push anyone to go with one style. OK, I think I
 started to be confusing. I'll sum it up. Artist should provide a way to
 extend thier artwork (like templates) but we should have all the varity
 of art, from simple and plain to rich and eyecandy. From gray'n'black
 to green'n'blue.

 Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski, http://bronikowski.com
 I'm tired.

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