REJECT: airtime

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Thu Mar 1 18:33:48 UTC 2012

I'm sorry to inform you that this package is being rejecting for the
 * debian/copyright does not account for all the different licensed 
   files. For example, the following is BSD:
   and the following are MIT/X11:
   there may be others. Please use the 'licensecheck' command for assistance
 * debian/copyright lists airtime_mvc/library/ZFDebug/* as 
   BSD-3-clause, but the license is (eg Plugin.php).
   The quoted BSD-3-clause quoted in debian/copyright does not match 
   the upstream license (see clause 3)
 * the package ships airtime_mvc/public/js/jplayer/Jplayer.swf, but 
   this file does not meet the GPL's preferred form of modification
 * debian/control list postgresql as a Pre-Depends. This is 
   discouraged. Please see section 7.2 of the Ubuntu Policy manual[1] 
   for details.
 * debian/postrm does a check if /var/lib/airtime/airtime_mvc exists but
   then removes /var/lib/airtime/ instead
 * debian/postrm does a check for 
   ${tmpdir}/python_apps/pypo/liquidsoap_bin then removes 
   ${tmpdir}/python_apps/pypo/liquidsoap_bin/* and 
   ${tmpdir}/python_apps/pypo/liquidsoap_bin. This is messy
 * debian/postrm is removing files in /usr/bin manually. This seems to 
   be a packaging mistake


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