[Bug 649742] [NEW] backport maverick ec2-api-tools to lucid

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Wed Oct 13 21:56:29 BST 2010

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Please backport maverick's version of ec2-api-tools (1.3.57419-0ubuntu1
[1]) to 10.04.

This version brings significant improvements to ec2-api-tools,
especially "resource tagging" which is a significant improvement for AWS

Amazon announced [1] 4 features today that have been popular requests by users
    * Resource Tagging -Tag the following types of resources: EC2 instances, Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), EBS volumes, EBS snapshots, and Amazon VPC resources such as VPCs, subnets, connections, and gateways.
    * Idempotent Instance Creation - Ensure that multiple EC2 instances are not accidentally created when you needed just one.
    * Filtering - Filter the information returned by an EC2 Describe call using one or more key/value pairs as filters.
    * Bring Your Own Keypair - Import your own RSA keypair for use with EC2.

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ec2-api-tools/+bug/644074
[2] http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2010/09/new-amazon-ec2-features-resource-tagging-idempotency-filtering.html

** Affects: lucid-backports
     Importance: Wishlist
         Status: In Progress

backport maverick ec2-api-tools to lucid
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