[Bug 333596] Re: Please remove disk-manager: dead upstream, buggy

andso pjpjpjpj at orange.fr
Wed Oct 13 21:10:04 BST 2010

no it' s the place
you decide here to remove this package, why?
1- bug 255658 (with 66 duplicates) and if you'll have open the attachements: 
surprise that was python scratches
2- the code was last modified nearly 2 years ago:
why not if the code is ok!
3- there is a debian maintener: David Paleino

and now the bugs:

- dont know why after a reboot
- Happenes everytime i restart
- I've just started my Kubuntu Intrtepid Alpha 5,After I logged in,then Apport-Qt had reported that Disk-Manager     had crashed on me,so here is my bug report.
- ?
- don't know i opened synaptic manager but had not installed anything when the crash graphic appeared.
- This error occurs on start-up with Intrepid Ibex (ubuntu 8:10).
- this crash appears then i haven't start the program
- error Presented after selecting timezone and keyboard
Bug #286990 je n'y comprends rien
- don't know how
- Install 8.10
- Happens every time i log into kde. alpha 6
- restarting the computer I received this message
Bug #275514 je ne parle pas anglais 
Bug #308416 error Presented after selecting timezone and keyboard
- Install 8.10
Bug #286999 Installed ubuntu, unstalled kubuntu-desktop, installed ntfs support, rebooted got error
- Removed .gconf* and .gnome* from account to try and resolve issue with gnome-session-save not saving startup of gnome-terminal and other apps. Had crash while configuring appearance, so should be completely unrelated.
Bug #314994 disk-manager crashed with IOError in copyfile() while trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 from .iso image -- created by remastersys application. Seems to have installed ubuntu from image anywayCrashed while partitioning for image install. Not finished accessing this end. It appears to have installed anyways.
Bug #320380 when i start the system, error bug report pop-up say me that disk-manager crashes
Bug #328252 Was using Firefox when this error occurred. Running Alpha of 9.04.
Bug #360233   dont know why as i used synaptic package manager when this crashed. after reboot and starting synaptic update manager it said sorry that it crashed but files a bug about disk manager.
Bug #362151 dont know why after a reboot

sorry, but if you can reconsider your views?


Please remove disk-manager: dead upstream, buggy
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