Rejecting squeak-sources3.9

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Mar 7 12:19:45 GMT 2008

Hi Jordan,

Jordan Mantha [2008-03-02 17:11 -0800]:
> I'm trying to sync to the the Debian maintainer's packages
> ( There isn't a copyright in the
> root directory of the source because the source is just distributed as a
> single file. The copyright information is in debian/copyright. Debian
> policy does not require another copyright statement as far as I know
> (Section 12.5). Of course it's fairly trivial to add another copy if
> you'd like.

As long as it's a native package, the tar.gz has a license. As soon
as it becomes non-native, though, the orig.tar.gz has no license
document any more and needs a copy.

> I'm really not sure I can get the upstream guys to get all these changes
> in time to get this in for Hardy.

It's only about creating an orig.tar.gz with a copy of the license;
while getting upstream to ship such tarballs would be nice in the
future, it doesn't block on them and can be done by the packager.

> Would it be possible to get these in now and for Hardy+1 work on
> converting to non-native packages? 

I agree, for this package it's acceptable. However, it does not make
much sense without the new squeak, so it's blocked by that, right?
I'll fish this one out of rejected once squeak is sorted out.


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