Rejecting squeak

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Feb 29 10:19:21 GMT 2008

Hi Jordan,

I have to reject squeak from source NEW:

 * There is no general license statement. There is COPYING in
   platforms/unix/doc/, but that does not obviously apply to Cross/.

 * platforms/unix/doc/ has LICENSE (Apple Software License), COPYRIGHT
   (GPL), and COPYING, which tries to introduce some pretty weird
   limitations. E. g. it requires you to install COPYING, although
   this is usually called 'copyright' in Debian/Ubuntu and not copied
   verbatim again.

   This makes the applicable license unclear.

 * ./unix/doc/HowToBuildFromSource.{pdf,ps,html} is apparently
   generated from a LaTeX source, but it's not included in the source
   distribution. This violates the GPL.

 * Various files like ./platforms/unix/misc/VMMaker-tpr.14.mcz are ZIP
   archives which contain binary-only data. Please clarify what kind
   of files those are, and whether they are in the preferred form of



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