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The comment on the change is:
new cmd-line parameters.

  The command-line tool should be based on LaunchpadScript infrastructure and respect the following format:
-  $ package-sync.py [-c COMPONENT>] [-s SECTION] [-b] <SRCPATH> <DESTPATH>
+  $ package-sync.py [-d DISTRIBUTION] [-s SUITE] <SOURCENAME> [-e SOURCEVERSION] [-b] [--move] <--to-suite SUITE> [--to-distribution DISTRIBUTION]
- -c COMPONENT -> source target component name
+ -d DISTRIBUTION   -> from-distribution (default: ubuntu)
- -s SECTION   -> source target section name
+ -s SUITE          -> from-suite (default: DEVELOPMENT release)
- -b           -> include or not binaries
+ -e                -> source version (default:  current published)
+ -b                -> include or not binaries (default: false)
-                  where:
-                   * USER defaults to None (main distro, not a PPA)
-                   * DISTRO default to 'ubuntu'
-                   * SUITE default to current distrorelease and pocket RELEASE
+ --move            -> whether or not to supersede (remove) the original publication (default: false)
+ --to-distribution -> to-distribution (default: ubuntu)
+ --to-suite        -> to-suite 
- CelsoProvidelo: I don't know if 'prompting for binary overrides' when required would be a good solution here.
+ CelsoProvidelo: when using --move, the original record(s) will be marked as SUPERSEDED but they will only be dominated when a new publication happens in that suite.
+ CelsoProvidelo: Archive support support should be included when PPA lands.
+ CelsoProvidelo: Overrides support can be included here, but it's not mandatory, see Unresolved Issues section.
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