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Roman Shchekin mrqtros at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 14:01:10 UTC 2013

Good day to everyone who reads this message!

I am a Core App Developer (Shorts team) and author of YaD (unofficial
cloud storage client). My app consists of qml part and C++ plugin. When I
ported my app
from MeeGo to Ubuntu Phone (UP), I've met two big problems, here them are:

1. My app can't discover device's file system. Only core app file manager
have such
permission. But I can't imagine cloud storage client without ability to
download files.
There are no standard "File open dialog", so I can't upload file from
device to storage too.
I think that it's to strong limitation. No one can create 3rd party file
manager then, am I right?
Linux - world of alternatives, everyone can choose all what he wants!
You should introduce special permission, like "file_system" and so on. User
can agree or disagree
to use app with such permissions!

2. I can't use QSettings. Guys, U1DB is less powerful alternative. In my
world QSettings are still
the best way to store settings on different platforms. If I'll use U1DB my
app will be more and
more adopted to Ubuntu Phone and less crossplatform. It's not Qt way.

And summary - Qt Quick is just GUI creation technology, main idea was to
use it for UI and
simple logic, while perfect working C++ Library (Qt) doing all hard job.
And you now want
to waste all device's processor performance (4 core!!!) and memory in QML
via hard limitation of C++ usage.

Best regards, Roman.
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