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On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 6:52 AM, Mario Kemper
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> Hi Allison,
> thank you very much for your explanation.
>> We're working hard to make that website friendly for new developers,
>> because we would like to attract more developers to Linux. But it's
>> not
>> a replacement for the Debian or Ubuntu archives. Think of it more as a
>> training ground for new developers. We help new developers out with
>> the
>> first steps of packaging their app, or even making a release if they
>> haven't done that before.
> The Ubuntu Software Centre looks similar to other popular App-Stores
> (Android, iOS et cetera). Hence, users will expect it to behave like
> those App-Stores, e.g. to automatically receive the latest version of an
> application that is available through the Ubuntu Software Centre.
> Obviously this is not the case for applications that are available in
> the official repos. But, developers that are offering software
> *exclusively* through the Software Centre are able to offer up-to-date
> versions whenever they want. This sounds like a disadvantage for me. Am
> I wrong?

Normally in the official archives, A newer version of an existing
package is updated in the latest development cycle which goes on
except when there is a SRU where in the packages are updated and
tested in the -proposed component and then pushed to the -updates
component upon successful testing for updating the package via update
manager or when there is a security or RC bug fix. Please do correct
me if m wrong or missed out something

> Additionally, please add support for donations to the Software Centre (I
> know it is already on the list). Currently it is easy for developers (of
> proprietary software) to sell an application but it is not possible to
> donate to free software projects (they are not allowed to add a
> *donation* version to the Software Centre).

Seems interesting, But many projects do have a make a donation option
on their websites, and another major point of view is how much is the
inclination to donate to free software. (Atleast here in India the
latter points holds good I believe)

>> But, the best apps and the best developers
>> we'll encourage to move on into Debian and Ubuntu. And, we'll help
>> them
>> out along the way, so they make good connections, have solid footing,
>> and are able to continue maintaining their apps.
> I remember the idea of "developer's success stories" that was mentioned
> during UDS-O. Do we already have some of them, e.g. an application that
> was moved from Software Centre-only into the official repos?

Allison/Daniel: Your views on the above please :)

>> If your app is in Debian or Ubuntu, it's already easily installable by
>> millions of users around the world. It would be a huge *disadvantage*
>> to
>> remove that app from those users and start all over with a new
>> process.
> Sure. I don't want to remove my software.
>> If you'd like help making contact with the Debian or Ubuntu packagers
>> of
>> an app, we can help you out. Or, if your app was abandoned (the
>> packaging isn't being updated anymore), we can help you along the path
>> to becoming the maintainer for your own packaging.

> That would be great. My software (Shutter - a screenshot taking
> application) is heavily out-of-date in Debian and a bit out-of-date in
> Ubuntu. I would be glad to become responsible for my own package. Any
> hints are welcome.

As I see here:

There is already a new version of the package here:

with some lintian warnings and a considrable diff (333 insertions)

The package maintainer is Ryan Niebur as seen in the PTS and you can
get in touch with him. He can help you out with this since he is a
Debian Developer with address.

PS: To get started with packaging in debian/ubuntu the New maintainers
guide is always helpful

Or if you need any help wrt packaging, sponsoring packages, updating
packages in ubuntu. You can hop into #ubuntu-motu and #ubuntu-devel on
freenode anytime! (PS: We, th are also available in #ubuntu-app-devel

>> The goal here is a positive experience for application developers.
>> There's a lot more to it than that one piece of submitting an app
>> through a web interface.
> I do really like the work you (and all the others) have done so far.

Thanks Mario for your keen interest and feedback :)


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