Change to release schedule for Ubuntu Dapper

Mark Shuttleworth mark.shuttleworth at
Mon Mar 20 20:35:17 GMT 2006


June 1st 2006 is the updated release date for Ubuntu Dapper, Desktop
and Server editions, a delay of 6 weeks over the previous release date
of April 20.

The Ubuntu Community Council and Technical Board discussed feedback on
the delay proposal received during two town hall meetings on the
#ubuntu-meeting public IRC channel. After conferring with an absent
colleague they have now unanimously approved the new release schedule,
published here:


The additional time will be used to:

  * devote an additional three weeks of bug-fix-only quality assurance
    time to the release for the core development team

  * integrate the work of the localisation sprint to ensure excellent
    out-of-the-box support for Asian languages as well as other
    languages for which we are receiving a stream of community

  * devote additional developer time to UI polish that we believe will
    make Dapper stand out as a high-quality desktop operating system
    for large-scale deployment

  * bring the XFCE desktop environment, which has received substantial
    community-driven work during this cycle, into the main Ubuntu
    repository to improve the usefulness of Ubuntu on lightweight

  * ensure that Dapper will be LSB certified at the time of release

  * provide for wider testing of the new Ubuntu server kernels and
    server features

  * ensure that the new graphical Live CD installer receives very
    widespread testing

This is not a general relaxation of the freeze process. While there
are some new features that are being integrated, the general
stabilisation and bug fixing freeze remains in place, with some
specific exceptions.

Progress towards the set of goals identified for Dapper has been truly
excellent, with almost all feature goals already implemented or
available for wide testing 5 weeks ahead of our previous release
date. The current status of all 82 new Dapper features (not counting
new upstream features in this cycle) is listed here:


The extra time will help ensure that Dapper is a robust and reliable
platform for organisations with long-term and large-scale free
software deployments.  This is the first release of Ubuntu that will
be supported for 5 years on the server and 3 years on the desktop, and
we believe that this release will help expand the reach of the Ubuntu
and Debian communities substantially.

While the release schedule of Dapper+1 is not finalised, the Technical
Board feels that it will be best to plan for a short release schedule
to return to our regular Gnome + 1 month cycle. This will likely
result in Dapper+1 being released in October 2006.

Thank you to all who participated in the discussion or sent in their
commentary directly to the Technical Board, Community Council and


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