Thunderbird beta in ubuntu 19.10

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Hi Matthew,

On Sat, 21 Mar 2020 at 14:32, matthew dyer <ilovecountrymusic483 at>

> Yesterday I did a clean install of ubuntu 19.10 and since the stable
> version of thunderbird 68 does not work with gmail, I have to use the beta
> to get it working.  I have downloaded the beta 1 of 75 which is a tar file
> which I extracted and setup a link  to the executable file, and placed it
> on the desktop.  Doing some searching, I found a PPA repo which apparently
> no longer works.  Is there a repo somewhere where I can get a ubuntu
> version of the beta version of thunderbird?  Using 19.10 as I said
> earlier.  Thanks.
There is a snap of Thunderbird, which you may want to try.

It is currently being maintained by the Ubuntu Desktop team, but is in the
process of being handed over to the upstream Thunderbird maintainers.

Maybe give that a shot. I have used it here for some months, and it worked
fine on my gmail accounts.

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