Orca bug with clicking capital letters by icon

Vojtěch šmiro vsmiro at seznam.cz
Fri Dec 11 15:24:19 UTC 2020


I would like to write you about bug in Voxin and Orca, when is set 
reading of Capital letters like icon on Voice page tab. Warning! this 
bug is only in Raspberry Pi, not in PC. In PC there is not any problem 
with Voxin.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Switch to Voxin.
2. Write in Pluma for example
Mozilla Firefox.
The result: it clicks twice in the word Mozilla and not in word Firefox.
Expected resuld: it may click in all two words Mozilla Firefox, not onli 
in the word Mozilla.
I've tried with czech voices, I don't have any english voices, so I 
don't know, if bug is with them too or with other languages.

The bug of clicking with Espeak:
1. Switch to Espeak-cs.
2. Write in Pluma
Od Libora
It means from Libor.
It clicks only in the word Od and in the word Libora not. This is on PC 
and Raspberry too. In Voxin on PC the bug doesn't exist.
All bugs are in Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian and Stormux, it's not depend on 
used operating system.

I will send this to Ubuntu and Raspberry forum too to inform so many 
people what is possible.

Be safe and take care.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards


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