Sound question

Vojtěch šmiro vsmiro at
Sat Dec 5 11:48:50 UTC 2020


I have this question from my friend and flat mate Libor. He can't write 
and speak english, but he can understand a bit. Now I will translate 
there his question.


Best regards



I would like to ask somethink.

I have Raspbian which I've installed from console version. I can't 
remember steps, my friend helped me and I couldn't write commands. I 
didn't have phone with loud call. We rewrote some files, I don't know 
which files and Orca speaks to Alsa. Other sounds run to Pulseaudio. 
System sounds are in Alsa too, I found this, because when external sound 
card is joined, pulse works in external sound card and Alsa works in 
internal sound card.
My question: I would like to set Orca speak to Alsa in ubuntu. If it 
will work, I musn't use external sound card.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards


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