Ubuntu 16.04.1, no orca

Milton milton at tomaatnet.nl
Wed Oct 26 06:44:40 UTC 2016


I succesfully installed 16.04.1 with the help of Orca. Alt F10 takes you 
to the menubar in the upper right corner of the screen and alt F1 takes 
you to the Starter.

Op 26-10-16 om 01:59 schreef Daniel Crone:
> I have ubuntu on a stick, and ran it.  Once I installed on a computer.  But I have to reinstall because there is no way to get to the menu bar.  Is it alt f 10?
> Also, when running the stick again, I get the drumbs, then try super key alt s, and no orca.  Anyone else have that happen?

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