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How do I enable keyboard shortcuts? I could not find such an adjustment in Skype and Pidging.
Right now I manage to see my contacts in Pidgin and I can make calls. But when I receive a call I cannot accept the call even by pressing enter on the accept button. My sighted assistant can click with the mouse on it and that works. Even with the flat review of Orca I cannot activate the accept button. What should I do to accept incoming calls?
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  either skype or the skype dbus option have always worked here. Sadly At least in older Ubuntu releases you can't accept calls with the pidgin plugin anymore either. 
  As long as you've given permission to use pidgin in skype you should have no trouble, and honestly I don't even think I had to do this. 
  Other's have said that they can accept calls directly with Skype in precise I believe. Get sighted help and make sure thhat keyboard shortcuts are enabled, and that pidgin is allowed access. 
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    Hi List,
    I run Ubuntu Precise, Unity 2D and Orca 3,4.2. I installed Skype and would like to use it through Pidgin. The reason is that I cannot accept calls in Skype.
    I also installed skype4pidgin10.deb and in Pidgin I notice in the list of Protocols Skype and Skype D-bus. Somehow Pidgin cannot connect with Skype. Do I have to adjest other settings? Your help is very welcome.


B. Henry

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