Think I discovered something

jacob schmude j.schmude at
Sat Jan 28 05:43:17 UTC 2012

Hi Gene
Which live CD are you trying out, 11.10 or 12.04? I'm curious, since
I've seen this problem on the 11.10 disks (not tried 12.04 yet), but
it only happens on one of my systems. On my Desktop (I'll give specs
if that would help) this occurs, however on my laptop the volume
defaults to about 70% and I can hear the drums just fine. The Audio
chips are different (Realtek ALC662 on my desktop and a generic
hda-intel device on my laptop) however they both use the hda-intel

On 1/27/12, gene richburg <gene5402 at> wrote:
> Hello, ok so I got ubuntu installed and think I might have come across a
> bug.  I tried booting the disk on about 3 system with the same result, when
> ever the cd finishes booting I don't hear the drums, and a friend of mine
> tried it out on his system and he didn't hear the drums either.  I suspect
> this might be happening to some others as well.  What I discovered, is that
> the reason why the drums sound is not being heard, is because the volume
> defaults to all the way down, and this can be varified if you happen to have
> phisical volume keys on your keyboard or laptop and you press the volume up
> you can hear a kind of knocking sound that gets louder or softer depending
> on whither you're turning the volume up or down.

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