HUD in 12.04?

Paul Hunt paul-leics at
Tue Jan 24 21:09:13 UTC 2012


Well I don't think it's anything to worry about for now from a blind 
user's perspective.

If, and it still appears to be an if, it lands in 12.04 it will be an 
optional thing and the more traditional menus still available.

It just sounds like a way of offering you the ability to search for 
items that exist in an application's menus rather than having to 
navigate through them with the arrows.

I hope the developers are taking accessibility into account as they work 
on it...

It can't possibly be any more confusing than the Microsoft Office ribbon 
bar thingy. I'm still baffled by that!

On 24/01/12 20:48, Dave Hunt wrote:
> After reading this post, I have no idea what the HUD will look like or 
> how an eyes-free user will use it.
> Cheers,
> Dave Hunt

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