Mythspeech - mythtv for blind/visually impaired

faginbagin mythtv at
Sat Dec 22 23:37:10 UTC 2012

On 12/22/2012 06:00 PM, Hank Smith wrote:
> wasn't it written in qt to begin with?
> if so why can't they just inable accessibility? or would that involve writing intire code to impl;iment qt accessibility?

Yes, it was written in Qt. However MythTV's user interface objects are not subclassed from Qt's widgets, so you can't take advantage of Qt's accessibily without changing MythTV's source. FWIW, the MythTV devs chose not to use QT widgets because they were designed for a 2 foot user interace, while MythTV is designed for an average 10 foot user interface.

> thanks
> Hank
> On 12/22/2012 3:39 PM, Peter Vágner wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I understand mithtv is full solution but writing qt accessibility support is going to be damn complicated. It is a huge codebase and no one has ever considered accessibility before.
>> I would be happy if something like this existed but I think it is not a project for a few open-source developers developing in their spare time.
>> BTW do you know projects such as gnome dvb daemon or tvheadent? These dont implement user interface and perfecting and / or writing a totem plugin for these would be avesome as well. Those apps can be setup without eye sight even now however gnome dvb daemon is somewhat buggy and not used frequently and tvheadent is stable, has web based interface. There is excelent fully accessible client for Android for it. So maybe oneday someone will like to create accessible client app for linux as well.
>> Greetings
>> Peter
>> On 22. 12. 2012 22:45, faginbagin wrote:
>>> I'd like to announce Mythspeech, which makes it easier for the blind
>>> and/or visually impaired to use MythTV, an open source DVR (digital
>>> video recorder).
>>> Information about MythTV can be found here:
>>> It is supported by Ubuntu and there is a Ubuntu based distribution
>>> customized specifically for MythTV, Mythbuntu:
>>> More details about Mythspeech can be found here:
>>> Mythspeech is not a perfect solution, but I'm told by one user:
>>> "Maria is VERY happy with her talking MythTV, and it has made her life
>>> so much easier!"
>>> How imperfect is the current implementation of mythspeech? One glaring
>>> example is that it cannot help with the initial setup and configuration
>>> of MythTV. I think you will need some vision or a friend or family
>>> member who can help with this step.
>>> I would very much like to talk to developers with experience in
>>> accessibility. The current implementation of Mythspeech builds on
>>> MythTV's support for LCD displays and uses speech-dispatcher's API, but
>>> I'm thinking a better long term approach might be to implement Qt's
>>> accessibility classes. MythTV is a Qt application, but it does not use
>>> Qt widgets.
>>> I would also like to know if there are interested users whose first
>>> language is not English. MythTV has been translated into many languages,
>>> and mythspeech should be able to speak in those languages, if they are
>>> supported by speech-dispatcher. But there are some things that could be
>>> improved if there is interest.
>>> Of course, I welcome any and all feedback, bug reports, etc.
>>> Regards,
>>> Helen

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