Mythspeech - mythtv for blind/visually impaired

Hank Smith hanksmith at
Sat Dec 22 23:00:57 UTC 2012

wasn't it written in qt to begin with?
if so why can't they just inable accessibility? or would that involve 
writing intire code to impl;iment qt accessibility?
On 12/22/2012 3:39 PM, Peter Vágner wrote:
> Hello,
> I understand mithtv is full solution but writing qt accessibility 
> support is going to be damn complicated. It is a huge codebase and no 
> one has ever considered accessibility before.
> I would be happy if something like this existed but I think it is not 
> a project for a few open-source developers developing in their spare 
> time.
> BTW do you know projects such as gnome dvb daemon or tvheadent? These 
> dont implement user interface and perfecting and / or writing a totem 
> plugin for these would be avesome as well. Those apps can be setup 
> without eye sight even now however gnome dvb daemon is somewhat buggy 
> and not used frequently and tvheadent is stable, has web based 
> interface. There is excelent fully accessible client for Android for 
> it. So maybe oneday someone will like to create accessible client app 
> for linux as well.
> Greetings
> Peter
> On 22. 12. 2012 22:45, faginbagin wrote:
>> I'd like to announce Mythspeech, which makes it easier for the blind
>> and/or visually impaired to use MythTV, an open source DVR (digital
>> video recorder).
>> Information about MythTV can be found here:
>> It is supported by Ubuntu and there is a Ubuntu based distribution
>> customized specifically for MythTV, Mythbuntu:
>> More details about Mythspeech can be found here:
>> Mythspeech is not a perfect solution, but I'm told by one user:
>> "Maria is VERY happy with her talking MythTV, and it has made her life
>> so much easier!"
>> How imperfect is the current implementation of mythspeech? One glaring
>> example is that it cannot help with the initial setup and configuration
>> of MythTV. I think you will need some vision or a friend or family
>> member who can help with this step.
>> I would very much like to talk to developers with experience in
>> accessibility. The current implementation of Mythspeech builds on
>> MythTV's support for LCD displays and uses speech-dispatcher's API, but
>> I'm thinking a better long term approach might be to implement Qt's
>> accessibility classes. MythTV is a Qt application, but it does not use
>> Qt widgets.
>> I would also like to know if there are interested users whose first
>> language is not English. MythTV has been translated into many languages,
>> and mythspeech should be able to speak in those languages, if they are
>> supported by speech-dispatcher. But there are some things that could be
>> improved if there is interest.
>> Of course, I welcome any and all feedback, bug reports, etc.
>> Regards,
>> Helen

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