Ringtail accessibility

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    On 12/21/2012 02:38 PM, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> What is happening is that accessibility will be broken in releases 
> until 14.04. I thought that was an answer to whether or not it is 
> expected to work in any release until then.

Fair enough, but it works more or less fine in 12.10 contrary to official
expectations, so I thought the same might be true of 13.04. 
Sorry if my response was a bit heavy-handed, but the "as has been stated
many times" felt a bit harsh. I know what the official line is, having been
a participant in those discussions, but not all of us are official Canonical
people, and some of us actually want to run the bleeding edge because we
ourselves help to create it. Also, not everyone wants to use the same
distribution for two years in a world where things move quickly, and some of
us are willing to tolerate a bit of breakage in exchange for that.

> Please do not email me separately, I am on the mailing list, which is 
> how I saw your email in the first place.

My intent was not to email you separately, this list's default reply-to 
functionality just happens to work differently than 99% of the mailing 
lists to which I am currently subscribed. As such, I often reply rather 
than reply-to-list, which I think is the common expectation for someone 
conducting a list discussion and wanting to continue it on same.
Even more problematic for Outlook users since there is no such thing as a
reply to list feature, and reply to all just adds everyone's email address
in the thread to the to field.

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