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Thu May 26 15:04:59 UTC 2011

Hi everyone.
I wrote this for the participants here at IISE where we are sharing 
computers so this is to use skype and pidgin on a portable drive, but 
you could use it from any folder.
In fact, this would be an easy way to save and load different skype 
names or pidgin settings, just extract the files and rename the askype 
folder like, personal skype, extract the zip again and rename askype 
folder to business skype and then follow the instructions below
Warning! If you have pidgin settings already, running this will delete 
them, if you want to save your settings and use this, first copy the 
.purple folder from your home folder to the askype folder
Setting up and using skype with pidgin and orca
I have attached a zip file which is to be extracted to a USB drive.
Download the file
extract to your portable media
find the askype directory
It will ask for your skype name then press enter
It will ask for your password then press enter
If all goes well, You will hear the skype startup sound
Run pidgin from the applications, internet menu
Press the add account button
tab to the account type box and press space
select skype from the list and press space
tab to skype name and type your skype name
press the add button
you should have a list of your contacts
now run the close and save file to save the pidgin settings to 
your portable drive

Anytime you want to use skype after the setup do this:
wait for the skype sound
run pidgin
when you are finished with the computer, run close and save
The close and save file removes all your personal information from the 
computer so feel free to setup other pidgin accounts for msn, facebook, etc

How it works.
First, stops pidgin and skype if they are running
then deletes any pidgin and skype settings from the home directory
then copies your pidgin settings from the askype folder
then asks you for your username and password for skype
then copies basic skype settings to your home directory
finally, logs you into skype
Feel free to make improvements.
I would be interested to know if this works for you and is useful

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