Help I broke speakup and orca in ubuntu 11.04

David Sexton david at
Fri May 27 02:42:44 UTC 2011

Happily speakup comes in the ubuntu 11.04 kernel...
Here's what I did that broke the entire sound system
installed espeakup
loaded speakup_soft with modprobe
after that no gnome startup sound at all, no orca
I thought maybe I should use speech dispatcher so I installed 
speechd-up, but that said no modules found so I ran spd-conf and that 
fixed that
speakup worked with speechd-up and gnome sound was back after 
uninstalling espeakup
but now orca doesn't work, it says letters if I type that are cut off
even after not running speechd-up anymore orca won't come back to normal 
so I guess spd-conf modified something orca needed.
How can I get these two to play nicely together?
Failing that, how to get orca back to normal.

David Sexton
+91 9400223351

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