Show-Stopper: Metacity 'save' and 'open' dialogues in Ubuntu 11.04 broken when Orca running!

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Wed May 25 22:55:13 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 01:52:02AM EST, Dave Hunt wrote:
> Whenever I try using these dialogues, for instance, the 'save as' in
> gedit, I end up with an apparently frozen system.  I can get to the
> 'run' dialogue or 'places' search box in Unity, and type commands,
> such as 'orca --replace'.  Sometimes, I can open a terminal with
> 'ctrl+alt+t'.  I cannot switch among open apps, either by super-key
> shortcuts or 'alt+tab'.  In some cases, there is the error sound and
> the 'not responding' message regarding the metacity dialogue.  This
> happens whether I'm using Unity or Classic Gnome, and whether using
> the stock Orca 3.0.0 or the daily build.  I cannot be sure whether
> since the install was fresh; I did updates since installing, and
> before trying a metacity dialogue.

Could you possibly outline a procedure to reproduce this, as I'd like to try and produce this myself, and see about what needs fixing.


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