Show-Stopper: Metacity 'save' and 'open' dialogues in Ubuntu 11.04 broken when Orca running!

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Thu May 26 01:24:49 UTC 2011

 From my experience, the system hangs if your home directory or the 
directory where you last opened or saved a file contains a large number 
of files. This appears to be a GNOME problem that has existed for a 
rather long time, and doesn't appear to be limited to Ubuntu. I have 
noticed, however, that in GNOME3, I seem to have to kill Python the 
first time I open or save a file using the Metacity file chooser in 
order to get Orca talking again, which does seem to be a new problem. 
Nautilus also hangs on my home directory, but usually for only about 5 

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