for special purpose Lucid or Maverick?

Pia pmikeal at
Fri May 20 11:37:16 UTC 2011

I would get Lucid and update it to as recent of an installation as 
possible by downloading the 10.04.2 iso and once you have everything 
installed that you need, I would run an
aptitude full-upgrade
My reasoning for this is that even though they may never update it again, 
Lucid, being an LTS is more focused on stability rather than features, and 
you are going to want a computer that has as little trouble as possible 
without a tech support person right there and no Internet connection. 
Also, I have found Lucid to work beautifully with speakup.  Orca isn't 
really developed as rapidly as it was when Willy was in charge of it and 
so, it isn't like in the better days when a new distro release meant leaps 
and bounds forward in the screen reader department.  So, I also have found 
Orca works about as good on both.



On Fri, 20 May 2011, Milton wrote:

>     Hi,
> I need your advice because I have no knowledge about.
> We will donate a computer to a smaal organization running a house for
> visually impaired children and orphans. They do'nt have access to the
> internet.
> So the computer, of course with the help of Orca, can be a great help for
> education etc. and also to play some games.
> I installed Maverick and Orca 3.1.1 but can somebody confirm if this is the
> better choice than Lucid LTS?
> I think the computer will be used untill the hardware dies without updating
> in the meanwhile.
> Thanks in advance.
> Milton

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