for special purpose Lucid or Maverick?

Marion Peterreins marionpeter at
Fri May 20 11:35:20 UTC 2011


I've been using lucid with Orca 2.30.2 for several months now and it 
works quite fine.

Best wishes, Marion!

Am 20.05.2011 13:25, schrieb Milton:
>     Hi,
> I need your advice because I have no knowledge about.
> We will donate a computer to a smaal organization running a house for 
> visually impaired children and orphans. They do'nt have access to the 
> internet.
> So the computer, of course with the help of Orca, can be a great help 
> for education etc. and also to play some games.
> I installed Maverick and Orca 3.1.1 but can somebody confirm if this 
> is the better choice than Lucid LTS?
> I think the computer will be used untill the hardware dies without 
> updating in the meanwhile.
> Thanks in advance.
> Milton
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