Two another 30accessibility related bugs for Natty packaged casper package

Hammer Attila hammera at
Mon Mar 28 13:06:30 UTC 2011


I reported two important bugs for Natty Casper package 30accessibility 
scripts related:
1. filename is changed after Orca 2.32 version, but 
30accessibility script in ubiquity-hooks/target-config directory is not 
followed this change for if cases for blindness related profiles.
Bugreport and fix patch link is following, please review the patch, and 
if the patch is good, please commit:

2. I don't no why need, but if have preconfigured user-settings.conf 
Orca configuration file with /etc/skel/.local/share/orca folder, Casper 
package simple owerwrite the Orca settings for live user home directory 
(owerwriting the .local/share/orca/user-settings.conf file) with default 
Another orca related files is not owerwrited and right copyed the live 
user .local/share/orca folder (custom developed 
file, Orca application settings, etc).
The problem is live the casper source package 
scripts/casper-bottom/30accessibility script.
For example, some Ubuntu based distributions stores this way the 
preconfigured settings for /etc/skel folder if would like provide 
default accessibility settings for future new created users, an example 
distribution with work this way is Vinux, but I using this way too my 
little hungarian Ubuntu based accessible distribution.
Bugreport link with this problem related:
If possible, please examine if existing an 
.local/share/orca/user-settings.conf file with /etc/skel folder or not, 
if the file is existing, please not owerwrite the live environment 
running 30accessibility script with the existing file with factory 
settings with live user home directory/.local/share/orca directory, keep 
the automatic skel directory copyed file.


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