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Sat Jan 22 04:31:18 UTC 2011


I know I constantly go on about Ubuntu Beginners Team, that is because I
firmly believe in its ethos of "helping those who wish to help others". This
little quote from their revised section has really made me smile.

Mentors The second type is an UBT Mentor. Mentors will have one or more
specific areas of expertise. They will mentor people who wish to become
members of other Ubuntu teams such as bug-control, accessibility or lubuntu.
Mentors must have received recommendations from other Ubuntu teams related
to their area(s) of expertise. This is done to ensure a level of quality.[1]

The acceptance of both Lubuntu and accessibilty (who we already share people
with) into the UBT project is what I have been aiming for and speaks volumes
for the teams to be recognised for the work that they do and our collective
ability to secondment and train a padawan into our teams (which we already
do). We also share documentaion / wiki people and admin people. As Manuela
put into words in her poem[2], we are a family. I am so, so pleased for all
of our teams, together we are stronger.


[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam
[2] http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/12/06/why-it-matters/

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