Medical Compliance Program

Daniel Lewis daniel at
Tue Jan 18 06:39:39 UTC 2011

Hello everyone..

I have an idea, but I need help in executing it.

  In essance, life is complicated. Things happen. Yet there are still
pills to take, glucose to check and blood pressure to record. If you are
like me, and have umpteen pills to take, how do you manage it?

How will you be sure that you've take all your pills. What I'd like is a
medical compliance program, something that you can punch your medical
information into including the pills you take, and it'll remind you and
log when you take them and when you to get refills. It should have the
ability to track your glucose (and blood pressure) with the ability to
export your information to a PDF and print.

I know this is not the job of accessability, but it is in the ballfield
of it. This would allow computers(and ubuntu) to greatly help in patient
care, and communication, because if your like me. You forget to tell
your doctor complaints often because you can't remember them.

If I could get some intreast  I will be more than willing to help manage
this project but unfortunatly I don't have the programming skills to
back it up...

Please let me know what you think.

Daniel L, CensoredBiscuit on Freenode.
Daniel at

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