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On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 13:07:45 -0500
Nolan Darilek <nolan at> wrote:

> Just upgraded to Natty today and am having some issues:
> 1. I was switched to Unity despite its being somewhat less accessible, 
> and can't find an accessible way to switch back. There appear to be 
> unlabeled controls on the login screen, including one that speaks 
> "null". How do I switch back to classic GNOME from the command line? And 
> I thought that Unity wouldn't be hoisted onto existing users, just new ones.

I do not know the accessible way to do this, but if you could have
someone assist:

- From the login screen, after entering your name, change the session at
the bottom of the screen from "Ubuntu"  to  "Classic". After being
changed, it should remain at classic.

> 2. I'm encountering an issue wherein pressing capslock to use Orca 
> commands in laptop mode actually toggles capslock. This is going to be a 
> pain and a half if there isn't a workaround. What is that workaround?

Copying the response from Luke on July 27, 2011:

Yes, this problem is known, however nobody knows how to fix it yet,
probably because nobody is looking. I'd like to try and address this
ASAP, so intend to try and find some time to dig deeper into this
problem that is also affecting Ubuntu 11.10. If a fix is found, 11.04
will be given the fix also.

> Have to admit to being a bit frustrated by these. Part of why I waited 
> to upgrade to the latest _stable_ Ubuntu version until August was that 
> I'd hoped that any lingering access issues would be worked out by now. I 
> understand why a new version of Unity can't ship, but this capslock 
> thing took me five minutes to spot. Surely it was encountered sometime 
> since April 30th and a fix could have been shipped? I could also 
> understand if I was upgrading to the unstable 11.10, but this is a 
> stable Ubuntu months after release. There shouldn't be these 
> productivity-killing issues present in a stable upgrade after months of 
> it being out in the wild.
> But in any case, thanks for any workarounds. It'll be nice to get back 
> to a more accessible GUI and get this capslock thing sorted so I can 
> start getting work done today.

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