What happened with Tomboy applet in Natty?

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Thu Apr 14 10:33:48 UTC 2011

Hammer Attila schreef op di 12-04-2011 om 09:55 [+0200]:
> I often using my Lucid system with Tomboy applet to quickly add a
> note, reviewing another notes or my schedule lists with I stored a
> "remaining schedules" note. I very like Tomboy because have shortcuts,
> and presenting already added notes with a menu.
> In Natty earliest and daily live CD, when I looked the default
> awailable applets list (in panel the add the panel dialog showing
> default awailable applets list dialog), Tomboy applet is missing the
> list now.
> This is a bug, or GNOME developers or Ubuntu panel applets package 
> maintainers removed this applet the package?

I'm not sure if this is intentional or not (both gnome-shell and unity
cannot use gnome-panel applets, so it might be intentional), but there
is (also?) an indicator menu for Tomboy now, which shows up if Tomboy is

> If only this applet default not installed, but awailable with an extra
> package installation, what package I need installing to awailable
> again this applet with applets list in Natty?
> Tomboy application is installed by default with live CD, only the
> applet missing in default awailable applets list.
> If this panel applet is deprecated and removed, what another easy and 
> accessible usable possibility have with provide similar features with 
> Tomboy already known?
> My Lucid system I like the Tomboy panel applet, because if I press 
> Alt+F12 key combination, I see my notes, easy to add a note, etc. 

It seems like those shortcuts, although listed in the "Preferences",
don't work with the indicator applet, so maybe that's the real bug?  :-(

Jan Claeys

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