What happened with Tomboy applet in Natty?

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Tue Apr 12 07:55:24 UTC 2011


I often using my Lucid system with Tomboy applet to quickly add a note, 
reviewing another notes or my schedule lists with I stored a "remaining 
schedules" note. I very like Tomboy because have shortcuts, and 
presenting already added notes with a menu.
In Natty earliest and daily live CD, when I looked the default awailable 
applets list (in panel the add the panel dialog showing default 
awailable applets list dialog), Tomboy applet is missing the list now.
This is a bug, or GNOME developers or Ubuntu panel applets package 
maintainers removed this applet the package?
If only this applet default not installed, but awailable with an extra 
package installation, what package I need installing to awailable again 
this applet with applets list in Natty?

Tomboy application is installed by default with live CD, only the applet 
missing in default awailable applets list.
If this panel applet is deprecated and removed, what another easy and 
accessible usable possibility have with provide similar features with 
Tomboy already known?
My Lucid system I like the Tomboy panel applet, because if I press 
Alt+F12 key combination, I see my notes, easy to add a note, etc.


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