my first try with 11.04

Dave Hunt ka1cey at
Tue Apr 5 18:50:56 UTC 2011

Hola Jose!

When you run Natty with any of the accessibility profiles, you get 
classic Gnome. One way to get Unity, instead, is to run Natty, without 
the blindness profile, activate Orca, manually, log out, then log back 
in. When Orca restarts, it should announce "Current environment is 
Unity". Also, you should be able to set this in "login screen" 
preferences. For each user, you can supposedly set the environment to 
use. I had a problem, and ended up with a kind of "hybrid" of Gnome and 
Unity. Maybe this was due to a Policy Kit crash?

I posted a list of Unity keyboard shortcuts on the Orca, Vinux, and 
Ubuntu Accessibility lists. It should also be in the Ubuntu wiki, 
perhaps in "accessibility"?

I find that, whether in Unity, or Classic Gnome, Orca is very sluggish. 
On some occasions, it would just stop talking, but still be running. All 
I could do was wait. There are a lot of crashes, especially in Classic 
Gnome. Other than reporting them in Launchpad, I'm not certain what to do.

Best Regards,

Dave H.

On 04/05/2011 12:18 PM, José Vilmar Estácio de Souza wrote:
> Hi all.
> Yesterday I did a try with the Natty live CD beta.
> The first thing that I noticed is that Ubuntu was activated with the
> gnome classic interface.
> Is this the default   when running natty with orca even in the final
> Natty version?
> How can I activate the unity interface?
> I experimented some crashes when pressing ctrl+alt+tab.
> Something that I can do to avoid the crashes?
> Thanks.

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