configure a wireless conection

José Vilmar Estácio de Souza vilmar at
Wed Nov 3 19:53:57 GMT 2010

Hi Luis.
First you need to find the top panel pressing ctrl+alt+tab.
Since there, you need to press tab until you hear something like icon.
Press alt+f1 so that orca can announce the title of the icon.

Using the steps above you'll can find the network manager.
Now press shift+f10 and you'll find an option to edit the  connections.

On 11/03/2010 05:19 PM, Luis antónio Marques Caetano wrote:
> Hi all. I'm using ubuntu 10.10.
> Until now, I wasn't able to configure a wireless conection. I know (a
> friend of mine told me) that in older ubuntu versions there was an
> icon on one of the panels which opens a window on we could configure a
> wireless conection, but I never tried it, because I already had the
> conection configured and ready to use (that friend helped me). But
> now, I made a clean instal of ubuntu and lost the configuration. And I
> need to conect my ubuntu instalation to the web...
> Can someone help me with this? Is there any key stroke which lets me
> go to that icon? I already tried CTRL+Alt+Tab to go to the panels, but
> once in the panels I'm neither able to activate the icons, nor able to
> go out of the panel, after pressing enter on an icon trying to
> activate it...
> Many thanks in advance, for any kind of help!

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