Interesting Lucid regression

Tim Cross tcross at
Wed Apr 14 00:51:42 BST 2010

Your description of poor quality sound for a short time after you first login
sounds very similar to the issues I had with portAudio initially. 

In my case it was because portAudio wasn't able to obtain high priority for
its processes or use realtime scheduling. Given that in the first little time
after logging in, your system is often doing a bit of work still setting
things up and the load can be higher than average, this could be affecting
sound quality if portaudio doesn't have the right scheduling privileges. 

Grepping for pulsaudio in /var/log/messages should tell you if this is the
case or not. On my system, pulseaudio reports whether it has been able to
obtain the necessary priority and scheduling privileges. 



> Cool, glad that it isn't just me, or something botched in the upgrade. 
> Orca started speaking another language halfway through and I thought 
> that Ctulhu had me for sure.
> Speaking of oddness, this happens only on my desktop as well. For the 
> first few seconds after logging into my desktop, my audio is horribly 
> crackly. It sounds like an old arcade game or something, 8-bit and poor 
> quality. It clears up fairly quickly, usually within a minute or two, 
> but it's odd nonetheless.
> I do have a bluetooth headset which I occasionally use, and when testing 
> speech-dispatcher I received errors about not being able to initialize 
> that, so I wonder if this may be the cause? I've since deleted the 
> pairing but have yet to reboot to see if that fixed it. In any case, I 
> thought that I'd mention it in case anyone else may have noticed it.
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