Interesting Lucid regression

Jacob Schmude j.schmude at
Tue Apr 13 22:44:23 BST 2010

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I can confirm both issued discussed so far, though the audio crackling
happens only on my netbook and not my desktop, and clears up within a
second. I've done a little bit of investigating and it seems to be a
resampling issue. Changing the resample method in Pulseaudio from
speex-float-1 to speex-float-3 (the typical Pulse default) seems to
clear it up. I'm not sure why this is affecting only one of my machines,
and it definitely started with Lucid.
The at-spi issue I'm having on all of my Lucid machines. Sometimes I
have to kill X to log out several times before everything starts in the
right order.

On 04/13/2010 05:11 PM, Nolan Darilek wrote:
> Cool, glad that it isn't just me, or something botched in the upgrade. 
> Orca started speaking another language halfway through and I thought 
> that Ctulhu had me for sure.
> Speaking of oddness, this happens only on my desktop as well. For the 
> first few seconds after logging into my desktop, my audio is horribly 
> crackly. It sounds like an old arcade game or something, 8-bit and poor 
> quality. It clears up fairly quickly, usually within a minute or two, 
> but it's odd nonetheless.
> I do have a bluetooth headset which I occasionally use, and when testing 
> speech-dispatcher I received errors about not being able to initialize 
> that, so I wonder if this may be the cause? I've since deleted the 
> pairing but have yet to reboot to see if that fixed it. In any case, I 
> thought that I'd mention it in case anyone else may have noticed it.

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